Wednesday, January 8, 2014

One Word

New Years Resolutions are on the prowl yet again. Everyone makes them whether or not they actually admit it. As I sat in my first speech class today, my professor suggested something different.

One word.

That's it. Just one word to focus on the entire year.

A meaningful word, one that will change your lives and the lives around you.

A word that impacts your life to the core and a word that will allow others to see a change in you.

So I was challenged. Challenged to pick one word to focus on. But I have decided to take it a step further. I want to focus on this word throughout The Word. I want to see how each Bible story and piece of Scripture use this word and see how God orchestrates it throughout His book.

What is the word I have chosen? TRUST. Plain and simple. I feel like it is something that I lack in. Trust is something that could and can teach me so many things. I know for a fact that God has much to say about trust and there is so much I could learn from Him. I mean, He sent His only son to die so that we can put our complete trust and faith in Him.

So I challenge you. Choose one word to focus on and incorporate it into everyday life. See how it plays out in the Word. And let it change you.