Monday, February 28, 2011

Lessons Learned

I went to the Health Department today to get all my foreign vaccination information and stuff this morning. And oh was that an experience. I learned some lessons in this short amount of time.
1. Dont Judge.
2. Pray for the lost

The first lesson I learned right when I walked in the door. There are soooo many people there. And some less fortunate than others. I struggle with judging. There I said it. But God worked in my heart this morning. Seeing all those people there who were lost, and yes, who were less fortunate than I, taught me not to judge, and to be thankful for what I have. That was the first lesson.

The second lesson, pray for the lost, was a whole-nother story. My name gets called to go back. This really nice RN brought me into her little room and we started talking. Just about where I was going and what I was supposed to get. We simply looked at my vaccination record and she plainly asked me where I went to school. And I answered, "North Raleigh Christian Academy". It was almost like a light-bulb went off in her mind. Oh, this is for a mission trip. And for some reason, I felt like this lady was giving me a cold shoulder. It isn't easy to describe, but it was almost as if she categorized me. As Jesus says, His followers will be persecuted. I wouldn't say this was harsh persecution, but I didn't feel comfortable after that. She was nice, but very assertive. I understand that is her job, but I just felt it could have been handled differently. As we finished and I was walking out to the car, the only thing that was pressing upon my heart was to pray. Pray for this nurse. That she will be presented the gospel by another. I didn't outright share it with her, I could have, but everything was going so quick, as if she wasn't interested. But that doesn't mean it will never happen. I don't even remember this lady's name, but I know that I can still pray for her. God is putting people in my life throughout this journey that are teaching me so many lessons. I am thankful that this happened today.

I ask those of you who are reading my blog, to pray with me for this nurse. Pray that she will be open to Christ. Pray that if I were to ever cross her path again, I would share the best news with her.

Hannah :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Blogger!

So, this is my first blog post ever! Thank you to all who have come here to read through my journey to Costa Rica! :)

First, let me explain the title of my blog. I chose "In Christ Alone" because these next few months of preparing for Costa Rica are solely going to be done In Christ Alone. That is my prayer. These are going to be some stressful months but the reward will be totally worth it!

Second, let me bring you to date on all that has happened already in the process of this trip!

About 2-3 months ago, Chris (my amazing youth pastor) approached us with the possibility of an international mission trip. If I recall correctly I started jumping up and down. I have felt the call to go on a mission trip for quite sometime and the opportunity came! So I jumped right on it! I approached my parents with my desire to go. A few weeks later we had the first informational meeting where we found out we would be going to San Jose, Costa Rica. My parents and I prayed about this for the next 1 1/2- 2 months and in January we put my name down. I am so incredibly excited! Then everything started rolling! We had our first team meeting about 2 weeks ago, where for the first time, we saw who everyone on our team was! And let me be the first to say, what a great team it is! There are four girls and nine boys. Our team leader is the amazing Chris Woods, who is also our youth pastor. I am so thankful God put this man over our youth group! During this meeting we got all of our general information for this trip. And wow, is it a lot! I have to get shots, medicines, passports, etc! But I know that it is all in God's hands!

Last week we had our first team workday! We went to a local elementary school in our area, and refreshed their landscaping. I say refreshed because last April, during D-NOW, our youth group actually totally redid the landscaping. This workday was a blast! It felt so great to work as a team for the first time! And let me tell you, the difference was amazing!! I wish I had had a camera! I will try to add pictures when I can of the team and what we accomplish through God's help!

Sorry this was a long post! I hope you will continue reading this and go on this incredible journey to San Jose with me!
1 Samuel 16:7