Friday, May 27, 2011


So, today was my last day of school and I finally found time to come write a post. haha! A lot has happened since I last wrote. Let's see...
Costa Rica things are going great. We are about 2 months away from the trip and all of us couldn't be more excited! Workdays are coming and going, funds are being generously filled, and the team is growing stronger and stronger! I love it!
My best friend deployed to Afghanistan about 3 weeks ago. He is a PFC Marine. I have been able to talk to him a few times which is always a comfort because the first thing he ever tells me is that he is safe. This situation however has taught me to trust in God so much more. Because he is in a war, and I cant talk to him a lot, I don't positively know if he is safe. That is a scary feeling sometimes. But God has really taught me to trust in Him and Him alone to keep Brad safe. And I know with all my heart that He will bring Brad home to us in December or if it is His will, bring in home to Heaven. I have been able to find that peace and it is amazing.

Another big lesson I have learned is that I can't control things. And it is always better to keep your mouth shut and nose out of other people business. As a high schooler this is no where near easy. But God is showing His unconditional love and through the help of some of His servants (aka parents and youth leaders) I am learning.

Well that is really all for now! Since it is summer, I will try to post more often!
In Him, Hannah :)