Monday, March 10, 2014

The Simplicity of the What the Bible Says

Today, my roommate and I had a very interesting conversation over lunch. We were discussing various aspects of Christianity and how they are displayed in Christian circles. As we were talking, both of us started seeing something in the particular language we were using. Our words were big and complex. What do I mean by this? Mainly, if you told these words to a little kid, they would probably have a very confused look on their face or think you said something really bad. 

So this got me thinking. Why do we as Christians use such large words to convey rather simple concepts? Now please, don't think I am bashing higher level Christian education. I do go to a Christian university. 

Here's what I'm getting at, most Christians I know (and myself included), like to use big, theologically awesome sounding words when talking about Christianity. Sanctification, assurance of salvation, salvation, the Gospel, propitiation, the list goes on and on. Yes, I understand some of these words are in Scripture and I am not by any means disregarding translations of the Bible. 

However, I have started to think that what if when telling someone what the Bible says, we didn't use these complex words and stuck to the simple route. This actually plays a HUGE role in my personal testimony. I was saved at the age of four. Yes, I said four. But here's the thing, I understood the simple concept that sin separates me from God; God sent Jesus to die on a cross to take my sin and pay for it; He rose again on the third day, beating death; and through Him I can have a relationship with God again. 

At the age of four, I didn't even know what the terms salvation or the Gospel meant but I just portrayed them in one (run-on) sentence. Sometimes I wonder... if we as believers used our personal stories and what we simply believe in to tell the loving story of Christ, instead of these articulate and elaborately worded stories, what larger impact we would make. 

As I said before, I am not against these large words, I just think they have a time and a place which doesn't include an initial presentation of Christ. I love how Jesus emphasizes simplicity among His messages. Take the parables for instance. Specific stories directed right at His target audience, with an element of child-like faith added to them. Christ simply and explicitly lived and presented His message. Shouldn't we as believers do that too?