Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese Festival

This past week/weekend, our family celebrated a new holiday. Chinese New Year! Since we have Charlene in our family now, we thought we would celebrate one of her biggest holidays with her. So, when mom found out that there was a New Year's Festival at the State Fairgrounds, we jumped on it. Mom, Dad, Charlene, Mrs. Freeman, Kevin, Matt, Nicole, and I all went Saturday morning. I was cool getting to see a different culture and their customs. Though we didn't stay long, it was still fun and definitely a different experience.
Matt, Nicole, and I :)

Dad, Mom, Charlene, and I :)
Charlene and I next to the Stamp :)
Dragon Dance

After the Festival, all of us went out to eat at a Chinese resturant, where we ate and talked for almost two and a half hours. I love time spent with friends and family, and a sometimes a different culture too! :)

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