Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sometimes God's Plan is Different

New Year's Resolution #1: Listen for God's plan and not my own.

A few weeks ago, my school announced the over-seas mission trip they would be offering this summer. This year, they will take a group of high school students to Port au Prince, Haiti, to work with orphans and those still affected by the earthquake that happened a few years ago.

I decided to go to the informational meeting to see if this is something I would be interested in. I started reading the packet and was captivated by the oppurtunity. I thought this is what God wanted me to do this summer, and I thought I knew His plan that very second. Let's just say, I didn't really pray about it much or really listen to see if it was His plan, I just satisfied myself and said it was.

My plan was to use my Christmas money to make the deposit that was due the day I returned to school after Christmas break. Well, things didn't go according to MY plan. I didn't recieve even half of what the deposit amount is. Now, I am not saying that I recieved bad gifts, not at all. I was very blessed this Christmas with the things that I did recieve. But I think this was God's way of telling me that I didn't give Him time to speak to me.

As hard as it is to grasp, I believe that it is God's plan for me to not go to Haiti. And sometimes He has to use extreme ways to get me to listen. I honestly don't know what God has in store for me when it comes to the mission feild, but I have learned that I need to give Him more time, and look to Him for answers on these crucial things and not myself.

All in all, those of you who I told that I had the oppurtunity to go to Haiti, I am not going. But I am okay with that. God has bigger plans, and I am going to start listening to Him instead of myself.

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